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L’IEVEILL Shapewear Series

The L’IEVEILL shapewear line is a high-quality line of body sculpting shapewear that helps restore your physical body shape and inner health.

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  • I bought the shapewear from Joyan under recommendation of my friend. She very patiently explained how it works and encourages me alot. I become more diligent and start to see my figure change. Thanks! Joyan

    @Andrea Lim
  • I didn't realise that I was tilting to one side and on examination we found that my right shoulder was lower than my left which could explain the severe back pains I've been having. Thanks to Joyan I was more conscious about my posture. I am glad to share that after wearing the full suite for 9 months - I am free from back pains.

  • Joyan holds no bars in assisting you to get the right fit for your body. Her very personal touch ensures that yu get the right shapewear to enhance your figure. She is extremely professional in her services, very knowledgeable and has a very pleasant disposition. I have been wearing her shapewear for almost a year and have seen considerable changes. Thank you Joyan for that extra boost in confidence.

  • This is the most effective shapewear that I have ever tried so far! Unlike other brand, Joyan's shapewear compresses just the right parts and bring out the curves of my body well. It'd exceptionally effective in burning fats and shaping my body as I can literally feel the heat on my butt when I brisk walk. Thank you Joyan for the amazing shapewear.

    @Jen Lau

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