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About Distributor Joyan

Joyan Ng is the founder of SG Shapewear. She is an experienced entrepreneur and an ardent advocate of health and wellness for women. Through her personal experiences and 20 years teaching aerobics Joyan believes that a woman’s figure is not a minor matter. In 2019, Joyan discovered a fascinating range of shapewear on her visit to  China and Hong Kong. During the trip, she studied the technology behind the shapewear. 

Wowed by the technology she knew right away that she wanted to distribute the product in Singapore. Joyan wanted to help women regain their confidence by achieving an hourglass figure so she invested.

To Joyan, SG Shapewear is much more than about solving a vanity problem. She comments “Every woman wants to be beautiful. It is more than having a pretty face and hourglass figure; it is really about bringing back our self-esteem. When we are self-confident, we become happier; when we become happier, we start to look out for others. We become a better person.”